GL-MT1300 missing USB eject option

Hello all, new user just got the GL-MT1300 for travel, testing and its network storage / DLNA capabilities. Everything seems to be just fine, but i dont see an option to eject a connected USB device. Found some documentation that said to go to Admin Panel → Applications → Network Storage to see the connected USB, and eject it. But there is no Network Storage option. There is a File Sharing option, but it does not have the eject. My use case for the device is quite simple, provide secure internet when on the road, and stream my movie collection from my USB drive, to my bedroom TV from my office. I want to be able to eject the USB when I am done watching, or even better turn the device off remotely, since at home this device does not provide internet connectivity.

The Network Storage feature is included in firmware V4.x.
beta version of gl-mt1300
snapshot version of gl-mt1300
Docs 4.x of Network Storage

Thanks for the tip. I was a bit hesitant to upgrade since its beta, but given the ease with which one can factory reset the unit, I gave it a try. Happy to report that everything seems to work just fine, with the new network storage and a couple new features like the drop in gateway. Biggest concern after the upgrade was the flash memory utilization. Before upgrade i had nearly 70% free, now its down to 35%. Saw a couple of oddities, but nothing major. And I got the USB eject button :). Thanks again!!

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