GL-MT1300 - Sharing internet via ethernet cable

I’ve got a laptop with an internal Verizon LTE modem and would like to share the internet connection with other computers (wifi and ethernet) using the GL-MT1300 Travel router. Can anyone help me with those steps or point me toward a tutorial? I found one video but it used a different brand router and assumed my laptop was connected to another DHCP device for obtaining an IP address.

You can just share it

reference Sharing Your Windows 10 Internet Connection with an Ethernet Gateway

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That kinda works, the devices connected to the router can get through to the laptops internet connection but the laptop loses its ability to see the internet. Seems to be trying to connect back through the ethernet connection to the router instead of using the internal cellular connection. Some setting I’m sure, just cannot find it.

Try to see if you can see priority of connections on your pc.

Macbook is very easy at that.

Windows you need to set the mertric as to How to change the priority order of network adapters on Windows 10 | Windows Central