GL-MT1300 stops working after a couple of days connected

The GL-MT1300 stops working, no wifi wireless network available and no response either if connected via cable. This happen after 2 to 3 days connected I have to unplug and plug it again into the electric outlet and after 2 to 3 days again the same problem.

I can’t connect to the router when it happens, only after the restart that writes fresh system log so I don’t know how to extract old logs and attach them here

I’ve found that people with this problem exists in review comments

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I will asking testing team to do long time testing to find the problem.

Can you let me know if you are using vpn or repeater? Or just feeding Internet to the WAN port and use wifi?

Hi, I use a nether VPN or repeater. Only the WAN port and WiFi. Local ports and wifi don’t work when it happens. I set up the cron job that restarts the router every night unfortunately it doesn’t help me. The router stops work every day at different times. I noticed that led has a constant white color, it is not like when the connection is lost (it’s blinking). Another thing I use rewriting MAC address, may be it can help

I really don’t want to get rid of my router due to one bug, may I can help you to solve this?

I am thinking how we can do this. It is difficult because when the router freeze you lose all the log. Is it possible that we set up a log server and so that the router push all the logs there?

I don’t mind. I’ll do it if you gave me instructions on how I can do it

Is there any solution i have the same problem with x750?!

I am talking with developers to set up a server. Will contact you asap

After I disabled replacing a MAC address my router works without problems for 3 days.

what firmware version do you use?

Can you let me know how did you change the mac address? Did you clone your pc’s mac and this problem happens? After you change the mac address back and it is OK?

The firmware version is 2.301. I cloned another router mac address because a provider has auth by a mac address. I changed the mac address back, connected my router to another router through a cable.

I will try to return the previous configuration to make sure the cause of my problem is cloning the mac address.

It happens again. I didn’t return cloning the mac address but still, the problem exists.

My system log (I restarted the router at 7:52): (11.4 KB)

I have the same problem: any news?

Do you have any TF card installed? In other cases, we suspect this is the reason. But as this is not happening again, we didn’t confirm.

I have a 128GB micro-SD Card installed: should remove it?

I removed it, a few hours later I had to reboot the router

Do you use wired connection? I’m not sure about the real cause of this problem, but when I stoped using wires the problem has gone

yes, I have another router attached. I already removed the SDcard, now I should remove the cable? I don’t think I’m pushing the device to its limits, I’m just expecting it to do what’s written on the specs.

I have a similar problem except the freeze happens a lot more frequently - every 3-4 hours or so. Wifi would stop broadcasting, dhcpd would stop handing out ip addresses. Nothing fixes it until I reboot the router by doing a powercycle

So my iphone can connect via wifi and beryl can find it but cannot cannot the tethering?
I also tried wifi to my main ISP as a temp solution and i was getting drop outs so now i have ethernet cable hooked up and i get no loss. But the whole idea of having Beryl is so i can be mobile and take it out with me where ever i go so i will need wifi not to drop or i might as well give up on it