GL-MT1300 Tethering Issues, Samsung A53

My tethered Hotspot connection keeps randomly dropping out. It may work for an hour, or it may work 48 hours plus, then the connection to the internet drops. The wireless connection remains to the router. The randomness is almost the same when it comes to how long it may take to reconnect, regardless of how many times I reset the power on the router, reset the tethered connection on the router my phone, or reset the power on my phone. Rarely it will work perfectly fine immediately. Usually, it just keeps connecting and disconnecting on its own for several hours, or the connection is exceedingly slow when it says it is connected with a solid white light. However, when I use my phone, There are no slow speed issues.
I have the 3.211 firmware. My return window to Amazon is running out, and I need to know this is fixed, so I put in for a return. One thing I will mention is that we live off the wired grid in the North Woods of Maine and while all this is going on, I’ve been trying to fine-tune a Wireless repeater in an area where I’m unable to find a cell tower using any locator program. So, that’s involved a lot of fine-tuning. I have the antenna aimed correctly now, and I have 5 bars of signal that read -75 dB on my phone, (-128 without) so the signal quality on my phone is no longer an issue. It did cause me to wonder if that was my problem before, but now I know. Also, my data plan is grandfathered, so I get true unlimited with no throttle down. The wireless hotspot on the phone is working fine. I switched everything to 2G yesterday and I was still having issues. This morning I realized I left 5G on after just using my phone’s hotspot for about an hour. I shut off 5G on the router and everything is fine for the last two hours.
One thing we noticed is the connection seems to drop most often when one of our laptops wakes from sleep mode.

Any suggestions before I have to go through the pain of returning the router to Amazon? We live several miles off-grid with no delivery or pick-up service so it will be a special trip. I have until June 11.

Thanks for any assistance

You tether the phone to the router via USB? Or you use the router to repeat the wifi signal from the phone?

When it disconnect, are you able to login the router and get system log?

To get the log, ssh to the router and use command logread, or
Install and use luci.

Hi alzhao,

I’m so sorry for the marked delay in replying. I’ve been trying a wide variety of techniques, and I never was able to capture the error logs when I needed to.
One thing I will say is I did notice that when I have issues, the phone is trying so hard to pipe data through that the tethering port cannot supply enough power, the phone was getting hot, and the battery level was dropping. So now I’m using the router as a wireless repeater.
However, I’ve discerned the overall issue was not with the router. It was by chance when it came right back up before when I disconnected the router a few times, but that was not always the case. As a matter of fact, I didn’t use the router at all for a week straight and I still had the same issues us losing our data connection after uploading.
So, the issue, “Here” is closed…

Thanks for your efforts,


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