GL-MT1300 Unable to Connect to StrongVPN via OpenVPN

I recently purchased the GL-MT1300 but was not able to get StrongVPN’s OpenVPN Config files to work. From the StrongVPN Intranet, only Config files for Windows or Linux/Mac are available for download. I’ve tried both and both failed to connect. (See attached screenshot)

Is there another format I can download from StrongVPN?

I’ve also tried adding StrongVPN using the GL-inet iPhone App and kept on getting “Invalid Username Format Provided” error.

Read this URL:

Contact StrongVPN Support if needed.

I followed this setup guide and still didn’t work.

StrongVPN support did get back to me and said for OpenVPN connections from Hong Kong and China, will need the SCRAMBLE function which isn’t supported by GL-iNet routers. So will need to stick to the WireGuard protocol, which works fine.

Many thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

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WireGuard is faster and used by many on this forum.

Happy Chinese New Year!

For openvpn you need Linux config.

We have instructions here OpenVPN Client - GL.iNet Docs

Different from your UI. But I am not sure which is updated.