GL-MT1300 upgrade: "Last Update" shows "unavailable" instead of latest available version

Dear support,

After the latest upgrade (3.216) I performed some months ago, on the upgrade page, it now shows:

“Last Update” “unavailable” <<<<<<----- expecting latest version here

Before the last update it would always show the latest version there, comparted to the “Current Version” show above it.

What does “unavailable” mean, can the updates no longer be reached?

Can I check somewhere if the upgrade configuration is still ok, or is this as expected (e.g. no more updates)?

Thanks in advance, kind regards, Guido

This means that the current firmware version is the latest, and unavailable means that it cannot find a firmware that is later than this

Hi, thank for the reply!

Before it would always show the same version as the current version there (if no newer was available), instead of “unavailable”.

Has something changed then?

To me “unavailable” sounds like the router is no longer able the check for the latest version (for whatever reason).

This should have been introduced when mt1300 was upgraded to version 4.x.