GL-MT1300 Wifi (Beryl) Drops wifi clients every time you change openvpn servers

I’ve yet to do more tests with other openvpn services, but, for now, on a brand new Beryl using surfshark vpn, added a complete set of servers using a zip, every time I connect/disconnect or change openvpn servers it drops the wifi and all clients disconnect.

Is this normal for this device?

While you switch VPN servers, I think there’s a small amount of time with no internet connectivity. Could it be that your devices are detecting this and trying to connect to another network?

Thank you for taking the time to reply, yes I understand what your describing when a switching vpn , but whats happening a full disconnect because the Beryl wifi disappears

Pls try 3.201 snapshot GL.iNet download center

That has fixed the issue, thank you.

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