GL-MT1300: WPA2 config not possible on LuCI

After installing LuCI on GL-MT1300 I found that there seems to be no way to configure WPA2 for WiFi networks? All I can chose is:

WEP Open System (weak security)
WEP Share Key (weak security)
No Encryption (open network)

I reset the box a few times now and what I noticed is the following message being shown the first time I got to the wireless settings:

Wireless configuration migration

The existing wireless configuration needs to be changed for LuCI to function properly.

Upon pressing “Continue”, anonymous “wifi-iface” sections will be assigned with a name in the form wifinet# and the network will be restarted to apply the updated configuration.

Is this a known bug, am I still missing a package or how can I fix this?

MT1300 is also using MTK’s proprietary wifi driver and luci is not compatible.

Well, that is probably the reason why LuCI does not ship by default but according to More Settings - GL.iNet Docs it can be installed manually on the beryl which now seems misleading to me.

In case anyone runs into the same problem: in the end I solved my problem by adding option network ‘net’ to config wifi-iface in /etc/config/wireless.

Right now I am still trying to figure out why my guest network does not use encryption which may be related to the above “fix”.

FYI to get WPA2 encryption in all Wifi networks the solution was to not delte the Guest-5G network (which I do not usw). As soon as this gets removed from the wireless file, the Guest-2G is created as an open Wifi for whatever reason.