GL-MT2500 (Brume 2) beside Fritzbox as drop in gateway

Hi there, i currently have Fritzbox 7590AX with two other Fritzboxes 7530AX in a mesh.
I tried to install wireguard connection to a vpn provider but doesn't work properly.

Thinking about a brume 2 as a drop in gateway, to have a VPN.

Does anybody have an expierence on that constellation? About speed reduction, problems with Fritzbox, etc.

Many thanks for some information
Kind regards

In my opinion, it does not make sense to use the Brume 2 nor to try to hijack the Fritz!Mesh.

The only valid setup (again: in my opinion!) is this one:

The problem here: You would need another device that works like a modem. This could be a Fritz!Box in pure client mode or a VDSL2+ modem such as a LANCOM or DreyTek

But since the Brume 2 does not have much power, I would go for a Flint or Flint 2 instead if VPN speed is important.

Many thanks for your answer. I've tried to use AX1800 Flint in front of my Fritboxes but i could not see any device an the AX1800 router, therfore could not bypass some clients. I've sent it back.

I assume this will be the same on the setup pic.

Do you know if GL-iNet has some routers to setup a mesh system like your Pic shows starting at 7590AX point? Means internet from starlink directly into the Meshmaster.
Then i would think about to replace the fritzboxes.

Main issue seems to be that the main Fritz!Box is doing NAT all the time - that's why you can't see MAC addresses (/clients) on any device in front of it.

I would still recommend to try IP client mode: Setting up the FRITZ!Box as an IP client | FRITZ!Box 7590 | AVM International

If I remember right, you wrote in another topic that the Fritz!Box crashes while enabling it. You can only enable it if there is a device in front of it - so here is testing required without sending things back too quickly :wink:

GL has a product supporting mesh: GL-B2200 / Velica - GL.iNet
I am not sure if I would recommend it, never tested it.

If you really only want VPN over the Brumme, Set it as Client behind the Fritz. WAN port of the Brumme to LAN port of the main Fritz.

Set a port forwarding on your Fritz to the Brumme and use VPN.

Of course this is not the low latency high performance setup. But we are talking about Fritz!Box and GL-iNet. More tuner stuff than high performance.

In my case I am using a Slate AX behind a Fritz 7590. It works, until I have my BerylAX fully configured as main router (replace the "Mesh", in sense of AVM Marketing language, not a real 802.11 mesh).