GL-MT2500 Brume 2 looses VPN connection after a while

Hello everyone,
I am using a GL-MT2500 Brume 2 with Wireguard-Connection to ProtonVPN. The Brume 2 is connected to a FritzBox 6660 in Bridge mode an gets it’s own global IP address. I loose continually (1-2 times per day) the internet connection and have to manually connect again with the Wireguard server. After that it will work again for a while.
Why does the Brume 2 loose his connection to ProtonVPN? I tried several configs and servers but same problem.
Can you help?


Could you please paste the wireguard conf file with keys redacted?
Also, export the system log and PM me.

I have almost the same setup using an MT2500 as a Proton VPN client with a slight difference: I’ve set the WAN IP as static instead from DHCP as I was having issues sometimes.
Also in the [peer] section of the Proton client config make sure you have : PersistentKeepalive = 25.
I also reboot automatically the router once a week at night

How can I pm you? Have Log an WG config here.

Left click my avatar and “Message”

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In private message, dengler5000 told me:

  1. Mullvad is working better
  2. It’s stable when using phone app wireugard to connect ProtoVPN in the same network.
  3. Previous firmware before 4.4.5 has the same issue.

He’s gonna try setting ProtonVPN to a smaller MTU.