GL-MT2500 Clean OpenWRT?

I purchased a couple of the Brume 2A devices a bit back and I have been using the basic interface provided by GL.iNet, however recently I have been needing to use the LUCI interface for some more advanced features, unfortunately it seems that the two interfaces do not coexist very well and have a tendency to trample each other. I am also finding that when updating via the GL.i Net interface I lose some configuration and package changes.

When I bought these I was under the impression that they were purpose built to run OpenWRT, it is all over the advertising, but it seems like the only firmware that is available is the heavily modified version from GL.iNet. There is no clean version available and there is no official OpenWRT release.

I found some build tools for building GL.iNet clean images, but this model is missing from their support matrix. Is there any plan to release a clean image for this device or communicate with OpenWRT to make a standard build to make this a real OpenWRT device? If not, does anyone have any suggestions or instructions for how to build an image for these devices?

Thank you.

It seems similar to GL-MT3000, which is most likely going to be supported in the upcoming major release [1]. Perhaps taking this commit as a template could help to add Brume 2 support as well.


Any update on Vanilla OpenWrt on MT2500?


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