GL-MT2500 Please help! Cannot connect to my server , baffled!

Hi guys
hope someone can help me out here.
I want to be able to remotely access the windows server in my office but I cannot get this device to work for me.

I have a router connected to the internet, and on my internal network I have a windows server with the ip
I have connected the MT2500 to my router and enabled port forwarding to it
I have enabled wireguard server and created a user
When I use the app on my iphone I can scan the QR code and connect no problem externally and I appear to be able to ping my server once connected.

However when I use the windows wireguard app and download the config file, when I connect , it says active but I can’t ping my server or access my server at all.
in the log file it says
sending handshake initiation to peer1
handshake for peer 1 did not complete after 5 seconds
and then continues this cycle

I’m no expert on VPN or networking, I presumed it would just work but there must be something I’m doing wrong
any help would be appreciated !

Can now confirm that I have full access to my server when using the iphone app
but on windows using the wireguard app, no handshake, no access to anything!

I’ve tried disabling firewall, antivirus everything

Any ideas?

Please don’t use the same wireguard client config file both for iPhone and windows at the same time.

Please confirm the Endpoint is the public ip of your wireguard server network WAN. Sometimes it generates a wrong one according to network environment.