GL-MT2500 Where I can find the plugins I installed

Hi, just bought GL-MT2500 … Uhm coming from pfSense I am absolutely lost. I installed several plugins, but where can I find them in the GUI, do I need to configure them via CLI/Text file? For example, the plugin for ACME or the plugin for DDNS from Cloudflare … How can I configure them? I did not find any info in the documentation.

If it was a plugin designed by GL.iNet like adguardhome you should be able in GUI.
Others will be in the luci interface and needed to install a Luci-app-** extenstion and some will be only in CLI

Welcome to OpenWRT.

You may have to also install the luci-app-acme package (if it exists) to add the webpage to the LuCI UI. Similarly, install the luci-app-ddns package.

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