GL-MT2500A Brume 2 cant acess to de admin panel


The GL-MT2500A Brume2 just arrived, but cant access it via, mi router add the to the GL-MT2500A Brume2, and responds toa Ping, but i also cant access to the admin panel whit the ip

What should i do? Open doors on the main router?


Can you confirm that your client device is connected via Ethernet cable to the LAN port of the GL-MT2500A Brume 2 with DHCP?

The client device cannot connect to the GL.iNet Admin Panel via the WAN port because it will be blocked by the firewall.

I do not work for and I am not directly associated with GL.iNet

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Hi, thanks for the reply.

The only way that worked for me. I plug the laptop by Lan cable to the Brume 2, then I add access to the admin panel, and then updated the firmware, put a static ip address, and added the Goodcloud remote access and is working.

But I still don’t have access by the usual IP like the previous Gl-inet mini router devices that I tested previously, the Brume 2 is the first without wireless access.

It can’t be that my main router is blocking the the access with the ip address?

To access the GL.iNet Admin Panel, you have to open the firewall:

I prefer to Port Forward WAN TCP Port 80 to LAN IP TCP Port 80. You can also just Open Port TCP 80.

I have the same issue. My router address is It can detect the Brume 2 is already connected. But my computer in the network can not access How to fix this ?

When you connected in your main router, you cannot access

You should connect to the GL.iNet directly in order to access