GL-MT300-v2 WiFi Problem when cable connected

Good afternon,

I’m facing problems with the mini router in subject. I connected the wan port of the mini-router to the provider router, the mini router receive correctly the ip and connects to internet but as soon as a device connect to him via wireless the router resets the connection and restart its self.

If I set the mini router like repeater i don’t face this problem, but i need to use it as above reported (connected via cable to the pricipal router and using its wifi connection)

Please, help me in order to find the right solution.
Thanks in advance

Seems the power is not enough, while AP needs more power than sta mode.
Is your power plug a standard one?

First of all thanks for your reply.

The power plug is a standard one (mobile phone like).
The GL-MT in repeater mode works fine.
I found in the log the following error: gl-mt300-v2 udhcpc: received SIGTERM

This log is normal which indicates network reload.
If you net connect a cable but only connect its wifi, will it reboot? Do you have USB serial to capture the log when it restarts?

Thanks … I solved changing power supply. How you supoosed… the energy wasn’t enough.