GL-MT3000 Berly AX | Tailscale Exit Node

During this week I had no problems with the Berly AX… until today.

Today I discovered that my Exit Node is providing a different IP address for my company laptop example

During the week my Exit Node was providing the correct address example 160.34.92.xx

On my personal laptop I still get 160.34.92.xx

I want my company laptop to have the Exit Node address of 160.34.92.xx as well.

I want to route the traffic from my GliNet mobile router out through my Tailscale Exit Node.

Which this has been working fine up until today since the IP address has changed from 160.xx.xx.xx to 154.xx.xxxxx on my company laptop.

Company laptop previously = 160.xx

Company laptop today =

Personal laptop (entire duration) = 160.xx

I’m confused why it has changed and why my non company laptop still gets the desired Tailscale Exit Node IP address of 160.34.92.xx?

It looks like gl’s router missed some broadcast messages, but I am currently celebrating the Spring Festival and cannot actually test it

I was experiencing this behavior with the GL-MT3000 / Berly AX and the GL-AXT1800 / Slate AX.

How would you test this?