GL-MT3000 Beryl AX customize toggle button

Hello. I travel a lot for work which is what has brought me to GL.iNet devices. This is actually my 3rd device and it is fantastic.
I apologize if this is actually covered somewhere else, but I couldn’t find anything similar in the forums.

One function I have found to be extremely beneficial is the adblock software (including Luci interface). This cuts out so many ads. It seems to perform better than the Adguard Home (though I only tested Adguard Home a little bit.
The only issue I have found is that for some reason, the adblock software will prevent some functionality with some things I need to do with my work computer. I have found that this is the most common thing for me to switch back and forth on (adblock on or adblock off).

Can anyone assist in what the coding should look like in order to change the toggle switch to turn on or off adblock?

The toggle button operation is executed as a script on the router, so you can modify it at will. The script is located in /etc/rc.button/switch

I appreciate that. I saw some example scripts for other items such as WiFi within the forum, but not sure what the script should be for Adblock.

Typically, it might be /etc/init.d/adblock start or stop or disable