GL-MT3000 Beryl AX Ethernet slower than 5Ghz Repeater

Just starting with this Router so testing at home before the road! It connected to my 5GHz wifi and repeated it, no problem. Not fast, but OK at 200-230 Mbps. However, when plugged in by Ethernet it will not reach past 50 Mbps. I am usting the 2.5 Ghz WAN port, but the switch is only a 10/100/1000 unmanaged switch. Based on the port colour, it’s talking down to 100 Mbps (not connecting at gigabit), which is clearly part of the problem. However, I’ve tested the CAT6 cable with my laptop. no problem connecting at 1000 and pulling 800 Mbps from the Internet. Is there a way to force the negotiation on Ethernet Wan? I could not see it.