GL-MT3000 (Beryl AX) - Slow speed in ethernet mode

I’m using the Beryl AX in my coworking space, which has gigabit internet - when I plug my desktop into the ethernet port, I hit speeds of 900Mbps.

When I connect the ethernet port to the WAN port of the Beryl, and the LAN port to my desktop, I average 80Mbps.

  • No VPN
  • No applications
  • Latest firmware installed (4.4.5)

Any ideas?

Maybe the WAN port and/or LAN port is being connected over 100Mbps. Check the System Log for messages about ethernet connection speed. Also, check your desktop about the ethernet connection speed. You can try unplug/plug in the cables and/or get new cables.

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2 “brain farts” Change the WAN port to lan… Try bridge mode…