GL-MT3000 (Beryl AX) - Sync Time Invalid Params


I have recently purchased this VPN Router and found that I needed to upgrade the firmware which failed to auto update online and I finished up having to do update it locally.

Now I have found the Time Zone to differ from my browser, and I clicked on “Sync”, which comes back with an error “Invalid Params”. I tried manually selecting the Time Zone, but this nothing available and does not recognise “bst or utc”.

Can anyone advise what this means or how I can go about resolving it ?, because it feels like this bit should not be this hard and it feels like something fundamentally is not working like I experienced when I attempted the online firmware.

It doesn’t provide much confidence in the other critical bits :-0)

Any help would be appreciated

What firmware did you upgrade from? New firmware is what?
Did you keep settings?

I would do a Uboot install of a stable firmware.

Read the instructions and then read them again the procedure is very important!!! (FYI pull the power from the wall outlet and NOT the BACK OF THE DEVICE, you can cause a power spike.)

Not necessary. The bug is software related. ALL my gli routers act this way in the gli app but it isn’t faulty. It’s working fine. If you go into the time settings and click on the time zone, you’ll get a blank screen, go back out of that and it should get rid of the red marker on its own.

So long as the time is set it’s working regardless of that marker.

Log into LuCI and go to System → System to view/change the Timezone.

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