GL-MT3000 (Beryl AX) - Upload speed slowing

When I use USB tethering then the upload speed always slows down after a few days. The phone is connected via 5G and has full speed. when I restart the router it also has the full speed of the phone. After a few days the upload speed slows down in usb tethering mode by 50-80% the download speed remains unchanged. How can I change this without a reboot?

I think this will most likely turn out to be between the phone and provider who will moderate upload speeds depending on how many phones are connected to your local mast.

If it happens on the local network then you need to be testing with traceroute and ping etc to see where in the network the problem lies.

Does the upload speed go back up if you Disconnect and re-Connect Tethering on the router, instead of rebooting the router?

Does the upload speed go back up if you turn off and turn on Tethering on the smartphone?

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