GL-MT3000 Beryl AX wireless repeater very slow. 72% slower

75 / 89 (down/up) GL-MT3000 Beryl AX 5GHz

550 / 594 (down/up) Google Nest Wifi

The primary router might be too crowded or the repeater might be too far from the primary router.

The repeater function on any wireless device will always greatly impact the throughput. As it literally picks up the same signal as any other device that is connected to the primary router and then repeats that signal. But then the throughput is shared with every extra client that is connected to the repeater.

If you want a faster throughput, I recommend connecting your repeater using ethernetcable or power line adapter to the primary router (which essentially turns it into a accesspoint). This will be a lot faster.

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I was thinking was it obstruction? Are there too many devices connected?

It’s about 8 feet away from the Google Nest wifi in an open room.

I am about 3 feet away from the repeater.

There are only 4 devices connected to the Google nest Wi-Fi.

One device connected to the repeater.

hmm you might want to look into this. I’m able to regularly get 300mbps down from my SlateAX. I believe the Beryl should also be able to reach these speeds ideally.

Also this is version 4.4.6 release2 2023-10-08 18:58:40(UTC+08:00)

Is yours plugged into ethernet?

The main use of the Beryl AX will be a wireless repeater/extender. It will never be plugged into ethernet.

Because you won’t be going into coffee shops and asking where the ethernet jack is.

nope mine is used as an extender. but note it is connected to a 1gb wifi signal so its source is very fast. but as i said can get at least 300mbps download usually so it is possible.

Edit: I just did a speed test a minute ago so you can see the results. This was from my iPhone connected to the SlateAX via wifi in repeater mode

Hm what firmware version are you on?

Maybe the SlateAX is different from the Beryl?

Bridge/extender mode should be unrestricted because it doesn’t have to do all the extra work behind the scenes. I also only get 190mbs on a 250mbs line but I can live with it. More than half the time it’s 80mbps ish but it happens no matter what router or setup I have. I have tried many. I have a mesh system gathering dust because it did the exact same.

Since there is no difference between “in front of the scenes” and “behind the scenes” on a device like this, the workload might be the same. Yeah, some less NATing, maybe, but this doesn’t matter.

That’s not true. There’s functions that are switched off when in bridge/extender mode. I believe firewall is one of them? Could be wrong…

Yeah, but they are not with such a massive impact. iptables and all the others are pretty good at saving resources. So, basically, you are right, but the impact is usually too small to see it.