GL-MT3000 bug when using identical SSIDs

On the Beryl AX, if I use the same SSIDs for both 2.4g and the 5g frequencies, it breaks the Beryl and neither is available to connect.

Not an urgent bug bit it would be nice to have the admin console show a warning if people try to setup their SSIDs in the same way.

I test 4.2.2 it works when 2.4G and 5G share the same SSID. Do you have a log?
What’s the wireless client?

Hmm, it might have been a bug with 4.2.1. I can’t reproduce it anymore now that I’m on 4.2.2.

And the client was various devices (Macbook, pixel, iphone). None of them could see the Beryl when I had the same SSID. I could tell the Beryl was working because if I disconnected the WAN ethernet cable, I could see the light start to flash. Unfortunately, I don’t have a hardwired ethernet port on my devices to connect directly to the Beryl to test.