[GL-MT3000] Connected to WAN but the router thinks it isn't!


I have a GL-MT3000 which is connected to WAN via ethernet cable. The WAN has working internet.
My laptop is connect to GL-MT3000 via wifi and I can browse the internet without any issues. The problem is that GL-MT3000 thinks that there’s no internet available even though the internet is working fine, even the VPN client on GL-MT3000 can perfectly connect to the server.

In GL-MT3000’s “Internet > Ethernet” page there’s a message saying “The interface is connected, but the Internet can’t be accessed.” and GL-MT3000’s front light is blinking indicating that there’s no internet available, even though there IS internet.

This is a known issue and is there a fix coming?

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I also see same issue, even in 4.2.0

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A temporary fix (and something I always do by default anyway) is to just disable Internet Status Tracking. You can do this in GL.iNet panel > Network > Multi-WAN.

After this Internet will always be available when the interface is connected, so when it’s receiving a signal, it will be marked as online, instead of trying to ping whatever configuration was set in the tracking config.

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Same issue. Internet working but the message appears a lot (although disappears from time to time). Latest firmware v4.2.3