GL-MT3000 disconnecting frequently

I have my travel router connected to a home router via ethernet. Not using any VPN or any of the advanced features, but I’m frequently getting disconnected (happened 4-5 times in the past couple hours), which typically resolves itself after 15-30 seconds. I’ve looked into the settings and everything is pretty much basic.

Was already on the latest stable build but I manually upgraded to v4.6.0, but I had the same issue. Now I have factory resetted the router. Will report back if I still have the issue.

Not sure what else I can do at this point.

Here’s my log.

From the log, you have repeater configured. The repeater was disconnected actively.

After then the WAN cable is plugged and has two dhcp renews (every 30 minutes) and seems fine.

I suggest that you disable repeater and only have WAN connected and get the log after problem happend.

Thanks. Even after factory reset, I’m experiencing temporary disconnections (resolves in 15-20 seconds)

Any idea why?

Can you confirm that the problem is:

Your device remains connection to the wifi or LAN while there is Internet break?
The Internet break happens every 30 minutes?

Also kindly let me know the model of your home router.

Can you try disable the acceleration in network->Network Acceleration