GL-MT3000 drops or connection dies on some hotel wifi. Tried MAC spoofing. Home OK

I’ve been troubleshooting issues with repeating the wifi internet connection with my GL-MT3000. I noticed problems this summer when I did some traveling for a few weeks and stay at hotels…
I’ll try to grab logs when I travel and it acts up again… it might be awhile!

Any idea how I can troubleshoot repeating internet problems? I thought cloning my laptops MAC (or other devices I have) would fix it. Have you ever heard of or seen this issue? Are there other posts about something similar or just me?

  • When I am home I can use the repeated internet for months and months
  • When I am traveling, some hotels last the duration of my stay (probably for months…if I stayed that long)
  • Other hotels (mostly the big chains, Marriott, IHG…) will last minutes/hours or rarely a day and then stop working. I’ve now messed with MAC address cloning…no effect. Direct connecting my laptop works great. Sometimes I dont have to go through the captive portal again.
    Once I’ve seen it work well for a couple days then act up…

If MAC Cloning a ‘known good’ device doesn’t do it, this is probably related:

That is an interesting read! Thank you.

I tried cloning the mac of the laptop I brought with me (I never thought to clone the ip).

I also tried setting the mac address the same as a 2022 MacBook Pro that I once had access to. The MacBook is gone now, dont have it.

If cloning the MAC & IP of the known good device doesn’t solve it, I’m no good to you further. See that thread; sh!t’s getting outta control. / rant

Since Apple enforces randomized MAC addresses this might be the issue as well. Cloning will not help for long.

Not really. I believe it has a 1 week expiration on the Mac address. As long as you connect daily. You’re good

Yes, it doesn’t change that quickly. But it also depends on the hotel’s firewall settings. It is quite possible that MAC addresses are kicked after 24 hours.

Discussing this topic is tedious anyway, as it is so incredibly dependent on the hotel’s settings that you can only talk your head off.

My mistake. It’s actually 6 weeks.

“Devices would still use a single address for each network (unless more than 6 weeks ago). Re-connecting to a previous network would then use the same old remembered MAC address again”

Yeah best to find a eth cable behind the TV