GL-MT3000 Keeps randomly rebooting

This is getting really annoying. My GL-MT3000 is running the latest update 4.5.0. Is GL going the route of corporate greed?

How do I stop this behavior? It litterally breaks tailscale and adguardhome that I have running on the router.

How do I resolve this?

Without inspecting the logs it is difficult to pin point the cause. Can you plz share the logs.

Looks like I am being hit with, attempted DNS rebinds. is associated with the YouTube application - so this is a false positive alert.

I could not find in the logs any indicators for the sudden reboot. I think upon reboots, the modem flushes the logs. Thus the shared logs does not help in this case.

I would suggest to disable any services you have recently enabled. Then, enable it one by one while monitoring the logs.

You could also upgrade to the beta firmware:

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Pls try disable the dns rebind protection and check. It should not cause reboot but just check.

Then check the power adapter. Are you using the one comes with the router? Try a different one if you can.

Yea, I am very much aware, most of the domains flagged as DNS rebinding is associated with youtube.

Just going to add them to my block list. There is no issues with youtube, blocking those domains.

Nah, I ain’t compromising my security for some petty ass domains. Just going to send them to the ether and forget about them, hopefully that fixes the router’s crashing/rebooting issue.

Now… there is a new problem, AdguardHome seems to be viewing my LAN connections as Tailscale…

Not a huge issue on the grand scheme of things, but… I do have parental controls set on tailscale for my parents… having that on for me, no… I’d rather not.