GL-MT3000 - L2TP VPN

I am new to the GL-MT3000., I use it for traveling when im in hotels…
one of the things im trying to do is.
I am a Ubiquiti User, and have a Secure gateway at home, and have a L2TP VPN setup.
this comes in super handy, when i am traveling i can connect to my home VPN, and use my Fios TV app like as if i’m home and i get full access to all my TV and shows…
I have an openVPN setup on the MT3000 for private browsing in general, BUT need to setup the L2TP VPN for my TV watching…
can anyone guide me/point me in the direction to setup and get the MT3000 to connect as a client to my HOME Ubiquiti Secure gateway L2TP VPN

The best way would be switching to OpenVPN or Wireguard because they are supported out of the box.
For L2TP you will need to do manual things like this:

Hm, ok It appears Ubuquiti Does have openVPN as an option.
let me play around with switching to open on my USG
ill update post later

I checked my Ubiquiti USG, it appears to have OpenVPN site to site,
While i am very fluent and Network savvy i am having a little trouble figuring out how to configure OpenVPN on my Ubiquiti USG?
is there no other way to do what i’m trying to do? :-/

Not without enormous manual effort. GL only supports OpenVPN and WireGuard. OpenWrt of course supports all possible protocols, but only manually and is not really recommended.

Hm, ok, let me do more research on the OpenVPN and Ubiquiti Side, and see what i can find. thank you