GL-MT3000 setup issue

I have a brand new barrel router. I have successfully connected to it via Wi-Fi and via ethernet. In both cases, I reach the initial screen for the router. One of the first things that I must do before proceeding with configuration is to assign a new admin password. I enter in my new passwords and everything is indicated that the passwords are fine. When I click “apply“ I get the spinning white dots they go on forever. I cannot get past this point. Any help or advice would be appreciated before I return this device.

Not sure what browser you are using, but have you tried a different browser or tried using Private or Incognito mode to rule out a browser issue by chance?

I am using Safari on a Mac, an iPad, and an iPhone. Same result on all three devices. However, I’m happy to try a different browser. I’ll do that now.

There’s an app which may be easier to use:

Well, that seemed to be the issue! Using the Firefox browser everything worked properly. An old techie like me should’ve thought of that myself. Thanks very much for the help. My stress level just went down several notches.

This is an excellent suggestion! The interface seems far more friendly. I’m using the app now. Thank you for your suggestion.