GL-MT3000 stopped serving 5Ghz ssid after 4.4.6 upgrade

I have upgraded my router to 4.4.6
The upgrade was successful, but when the router came back up the network ssid that was configured for 5Ghz network disappeared.

It is still enabled according to settings in UI, not set to hidden, but not available for devices to connect.

What can i do to fix this?

Thank you

Fix the channel to 36.
An auto channel may fall into some channel that your end device can not see. for example DFS channel.

I have tried that, no change.

Additionally, I flashed every single firmware release available on the support website, using default settings, with no change…

I used this router a total of 4 times maybe…

I have tried looking at the available log, but it does not seem like it is reporting any errors (thinking hardware here)

Is there anything else i can do to trouble shoot this further?

Export the system log.
Is the power plug the original one? All the client device can not see the wifi?
If that’s true, contact customer service please.

Please find the log dump at this link: logread.tar - Google Drive