GL-MT3000 stopped serving 5Ghz ssid after 4.4.6 upgrade

I have upgraded my router to 4.4.6
The upgrade was successful, but when the router came back up the network ssid that was configured for 5Ghz network disappeared.

It is still enabled according to settings in UI, not set to hidden, but not available for devices to connect.

What can i do to fix this?

Thank you

Fix the channel to 36.
An auto channel may fall into some channel that your end device can not see. for example DFS channel.

I have tried that, no change.

Additionally, I flashed every single firmware release available on the support website, using default settings, with no change…

I used this router a total of 4 times maybe…

I have tried looking at the available log, but it does not seem like it is reporting any errors (thinking hardware here)

Is there anything else i can do to trouble shoot this further?

Export the system log.
Is the power plug the original one? All the client device can not see the wifi?
If that’s true, contact customer service please.

Please find the log dump at this link: logread.tar - Google Drive

i have this problem also. router was working fine for a few weeks on 4.4.6, now all of sudden today the 5ghz SSID is not allowing my devices to find it. it ocassionally shows up but then disappears again. primary devices i have that require connection is mbp 16 (2019) and iphone 15 pro max.

My issue is with iPhone on ios 17 and macbook pro on mac os 14 & 13. My windows laptop sees 5Ghz just fine.
There appears to be a general incompatibility with the later iOS version and gl-inet router software.

I had a live debug session where gl-inet agent said they will reproduce locally, and let me know if there is a workaround/patch to fix the problem.

I’ll update this thread if they come up with a fix anytime soon and i don’t completely give up on this router…

Could you please download this software to your Windows PC and make a screenshot (or export) of the Wi-Fi networks?

It will allow people to understand what kind of channel and frequency is currently used.

Sequence of steps we took to resolve the problem:
FYI: Running the router in repeater mode with VPN.

  1. The region of my laptop is US
  2. Router region was set to DE
  3. Change the region on the router, Apply
  4. Factory reset the router
  5. Configure the router. At this point, it was still not showing a 5GHz network.
  6. I have then set the timezone to US and 5GHz network became discoverable.


  • perhaps setting the time zone to the region of your laptop could be enough
  • I am not in the US time zone at the moment. I had set the router to the same time zone as my browser and it had no effect to fix the issue.

I hope this will be helpful to others.
Big thanks to gl-inet tech support