GL-MT3000 stopped serving 5Ghz ssid after 4.4.6 upgrade

Sequence of steps we took to resolve the problem:
FYI: Running the router in repeater mode with VPN.

  1. The region of my laptop is US
  2. Router region was set to DE
  3. Change the region on the router, Apply
  4. Factory reset the router
  5. Configure the router. At this point, it was still not showing a 5GHz network.
  6. I have then set the timezone to US and 5GHz network became discoverable.


  • perhaps setting the time zone to the region of your laptop could be enough
  • I am not in the US time zone at the moment. I had set the router to the same time zone as my browser and it had no effect to fix the issue.

I hope this will be helpful to others.
Big thanks to gl-inet tech support