GL-MT3000 stops working when connecting to Tailscale Exit Node

I have a Raspberry Pi that is connected to my home router that is configured as a Tailscale exit node. I have everything setup and it works perfect when I connect to the Pi exit node with my phone Tailscale app.

However, on my Beryl AX, whenever I enable “Custom Exit Node” → and choose “Exit Node” as my Raspberry Pi, the internet stops working on my GL-MT3000. Once I turn the exit node setting off, everything works again.

I have tried this in the previous two firmware versions and currently have the 4.5.0 beta.

I tried following the instructions here on creating a new Tailscale Firewall zone but it’s not clear to me where this “Firewall - Zone Setting” is - Help to configure tailscale as a proxy service - Installing and Using OpenWrt - OpenWrt Forum

I have also enabled subnet routes of the Beryl AX in the Tailscale Admin Console by enabling “Allow Remote Access WAN” and going to the Tailscale settings for my Raspberry Pi → edit route settings → Subnet routes and enabling the

Does anyone know how to solve this? Thank you.

Tomorrow I will access the Pi and write the following command:

`sudo tailscale up --accept-routes`


Could you execute the following commands and PM me the result? There are some seetings needs to be check, like mentioned in post GL.iNET AXT1800 Tailscale fail to connect - #7 by KingRichard

 tailscale status
 ip rule
 ip route show table 55
 ip route

Where do I enter those commands?

You can access router via ssh using tools like xshell, SecureCRT,etc.

Which router? The home router? The Raspberry Pi acting as the node connected to the home router? Or my GL-MT3000?

Would PowerShell work?

Entering these command on your GL-MT3000.You can enter ssh using command ssh root@ with cmd window or powershell, replacing with your LAN IP(default, and the password for ssh is the same as the web password(which you set on web ui).

Thank you for the clarification. I think I actually got it working by taking the below steps:

I set everything up following the instructions I shared with you above.

Tailscale works as advertised on my GL-MT3000. However, when I turned on “Custom Exit Nodes”, the internet completely stopped. Turn that setting off, it works again. These are the steps I took to remedy this:

  1. Allowed Remote Access WAN and Allowed Remote Access LAN in the Tailscale settings on the GL-MT3000

  2. Logged in to my Raspberry Pi and inputted the following command:

     sudo tailscale up --advertise-routes=, --accept-routes --advertise-exit-node
  3. Went to my Tailscale Admin Panel under Machines and I edited route settings for both the Raspberry Pi and the GL-MT3000 to accept the below two IP address:
  4. I then went back to my GL-MT3000 Admin Panel, enabled Tailscale + Allow Remote Access WAN and LAN + Custom Exit Nodes and the internet works.

I don’t fully understand what I did by editing the route settings, approving the two IP address, and having these two devices as a Subnet.

I don’t fully understand what I did by editing the route settings, approving the two IP address, and having these two devices as a Subnet.

  1. Did I do anything wrong and am I exposing myself to any security risks here?
  2. I have a setting in my home router under the connected Raspberry Pi where I can 'Always assign this network device the same IPv4 address" - should I turn this setting on?

The action “Allow Remote Access WAN and LAN” is same as what you execute on Raspberry Pi(–advertise-routes=,, which is to advertise MT3000 WAN/LAN subnet to all the nodes of your tailnet, for other nodes(like Raspberry Pi) also need to know the routes to MT3000.In short ,MT3000 should has the routing rules to Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi should also knows the routing rules to MT3000.These actions you have done are without any security risks,for these routing rules are advertised on your own tailnet.Could you executed the commands mention above and privete message the result? I want to check if there is any routing conflict on your tailnet.And what is the DNS server of your MT3000?

Thank you again for your message.

Yes, I will execute the commands and share it with you via PM later today. I ran it earlier today but did not save it. After I run the following 5 commands, will I just share you the information displayed under “ip route”? Will I be sharing any sensitive information?

 tailscale status
 ip rule
 ip route show table 55
 ip route

Where can I find the DNS server of my MT3000?

@fangzekun - I have sent you a PM with the screenshot and details.

Thank you in advance for your help. Thank you!

Did something change in FW 4.5.0 beta 1?

Exit node it not working for me now, no internet.

4.4.6 beta and previous stable work ok.

4.5.0 replaced mwan3 with kmwan, and policy routes are changed, too.Please run following command and check whether it work normally again.The modifacation will be merged next version. Thanks!

ip rule add from all fwmark 0x80000/0x80000 lookup main



I just setup the same kind of setup and I am having the exact same issues. A rasberry pi as an exit node in a different country and I’m using the MT3000 as router (VPN).

I can ping the devices and connect to every device on the network but when I switch on “custom Exit node” like OP I no longer get the internet on the devices under the router. I connected to the MT3000 via ssh and ran the ip rule command but I still am not getting internet.

My current setup:
Model: GL.iNet GL-MT3000
Openwrt Version: OpenWrt 21.02-SNAPSHOT r15812+879-46b6ee7ffc
Kernel Version: 5.4.211
Firmware Version: 4.4.5

There have some issues with v4.4.5 when turning on Exit node.Please upgrade to v4.4.6 and try again.Thanks!

This works, however now my wireguard AllowedIPs are applied to the TailScale network. Not that i’m complaining, but shouldn’t it be seperate rules?

Vpn policies is implemented using firewall to mark IP, and all the traffic go through the firewall of router.


I upgraded to 4.4.6 FW. Did a reboot just in case and I’m getting the same behaviour. Tailscale works on the MT3000 but when I activate the custom exit node then the internet doesn’t work for the subnets devices. Mobiles or laptops connected to the MT3000 are not getting an internet connection.

Let me know if you want some logs.


Could you run the mentioned commands and PM me the result? And please make sure subnet routes of MT3000 has been turn on.Thanks!

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Hi all,

Just posting the solution which I got via the support email. After updating the fireware to the latest version 4.4.6 I then connected to the exit node (the pi) and ran the below command:

sudo tailscale up --reset --accept-routes --advertise-exit-node

For me that solved the issue. My internet works and from the subnet I can connect to other devices no problem also.

Thanks again!