GL-MT3000 - Tether software

I have an old mobile service plan that has very limited hotspot and tether. In fact, it's so slow and unreliable that it's a waste of time trying to use it. However, I stumbled across PdaNet many years ago and it has worked amazingly well to overcome the limitations of my service plan.

I purchased a GL-MT3000 for occasional use but I realized, after the fact, that PdaNet does not support OpenWRT so I purchased EasyTether to work with the router. I followed this post to get things working. So far, I haven't done much testing with this setup but I have read that it's common to experience intermittent disconnects which require a router reboot and disconnecting and reconnecting of the mobile phone from the router.

Is there any other solution that hides tether usage and that is more robust?

Also, I see some folks use config interface 'EasyTether' instead of config interface 'wan' when integrating EasyTether with their routers. Is one better than the other and why?



In most cases, the tethering of GL router is stable and does not require frequent manual reconnection, because once the router connects the phone once, it will remember the phone, and router always connect the phone auto after reconnected the data cable with this phone, without any APPs.

But also can use this kind of APP to bring the connectivity with router and phone.

Thank you for the response but when I disconnect/reconnect my phone from the USB cable or disconnect/reconnect my laptop to the router's wi-fi, tethering no longer works. I have tried power cycling the router, stopping/restarting EasyTether on the phone but neither works. The only way I get things working again, is by running the easytether-usb command.

What am I doing wrong?

Hi, may I know why you are require to use the 'easy-tether' APP? GL router supported the 'Tethering' feature on Admin Panel, and it easy to set-up and work, when the phone connected to router.

We cannot ensure if the stable connectivity of the phone with the third-party plugin or APP.

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Because of mobile service plan restrictions which are max of 600 kbps. However, if I do use the built-in Android tether option, it's actually much, much slower and I never get anywhere close to 600 kbps; it's unusable. With EasyTether, I get close to the same speed that I get when using a browser directly on my phone.

I see. We could not ensure about the third-part service work well even if it is in openwrt, also cause it develop by other people not GL.

Hey @jeffshead . How has EasyTether been working out for you? I use it a bit, and talked some on that post you referenced. I check in here sometimes to see what the latest is...

The EasyTether install can be a fickle thing... I keep a copy on my phone ready to be re-installed on the router. It works 80% of the time, the other 20% sometimes I decide it's not worth it for an hour or two of tethering to mess with it....

@Bruce it would be GREAT if the router could use an HTTP or SOCKS proxy in the future... for people like us with bad cell phone plans...

@mysticle31 - I really haven't messed with it that much since I found out that I have to jump through hoops to get it working again after a disconnect/reconnect.

If it were not for the fact that my current phone plan is only 1/3 of the price of the other plans that include tethering, I might consider downgrading err I mean changing plans so that I could use the built-in Android tethering.

May I know how to use if there are HTTP or SOCKS for bad cell phone plan? The HTTP/SOCKS for the router is the server or the client?

There are some third-party plugins for you probably to achieve these 2 features. Try it.