GL-MT3000 unable to scan for Repeater network on FW 4.4.5

Hi everybody,

Today was my first day trying to connect to a new network with the new firmware 4.4.5 after updating from 4.2.3 this past week.
After my firmware update, using the same network that I had set up and was using before (and during) the update was working fine, however today I moved to a new hotel, and suddenly experienced problems with scanning for networks in the repeater.
The router would simply not find a single network to connect to, not even my phone hotspot, that it had previously been connected to, and was still in the list.

I ssh’d into the router and tried to manually scan for networks and got the following error messages:

Interface doesn’t accept private ioctl…
set (8BE2): Network is down
Scanning not possible

I tried to Reset the firmware, but had the exact same behavior afterwards.

Now I have rolled back to 4.2.3 and everything is working once again - though I need to set up everything once again, due to my previous reset.

Has anybody else experienced the same with firmware 4.4.5?

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Could you export log while not scan?

Hi Jerry,

I unfortunately don’t have the full log, and don’t have the possibility to recreate at the moment

But I can see from my search history that I had the following error in my logs:

bad argument #1 to ‘pairs’ (table expected/ got nil)

Hope that can help.

Could you reproduce the problem and export full log?

I have the same issue, even after downgrading and resetting. The logs are from version 4.4.5, but also tried every version down to 4.1.3. Also tried multiple browsers, and desktop + mobile. I sometimes also get an timeout error, but most of the times nothing.

See attached the log

Also gives this javascript error (firefox), but not sure if related:

Uncaught (in promise) Error: timeout of 10000ms exceeded
exports routerurl/js/app.7353d566.js:16
ontimeout routerurl/js/app.7353d566.js:61
exports routerurl/js/app.7353d566.js:61
exports routerurl/js/app.7353d566.js:61
exports routerurl/js/app.7353d566.js:24
promise callback0a06/l.prototype.request http:// routerurl/js/app.7353d566.js:10
t http:// routerurl/js/app.7353d566.js:10
exports http:// routerurl/js/app.7353d566.js:10
f http:// routerurl/js/app.7353d566.js:68
f http:// routerurl/js/app.7353d566.js:68
getSystemStatus routerurl/js/app.7353d566.js line 61 > eval:7
getSystemStatus routerurl/js/app.7353d566.js line 61 > eval:7
systemPollTimeId routerurl/js/app.7353d566.js line 61 > eval:7
setTimeout handler
getSystemStatusTimeout routerurl/js/app.7353d566.js line 61 > eval:7