GL-MT3000: Upgrade to latest OpenWRT

my router GL-MT3000 is running with firmware OpenWrt 21.02-SNAPSHOT, r15812+885-46b6ee7ffc.
The latest available firmware is: 23.05.3

Can you please advise how to upgrade to latest OpenWRT firmeware?
And when will GL iNet deliver a newer firmware?


Hi :wave:

currently, there is no newer GL-firmware available.
The firmware with 23.x OpenWrt under the hood is planned, but not yet ready.
Not even sure if it will be ready for the MT3000.

OpenWrt does work a bit different than other operating systems - so you can’t really compare those upgrades to known updates like “newer version of Chrome”; it’s more like Windows 10 compared to Windows 11.

However there is a newer snapshot of plain OpenWrt available: OpenWrt Firmware Selector

Please keep in mind this will remove all GL software (so no fancy GUI) and you might not get support for this firmware version here. Please use the sysupgrade image only!

You can’t.

Your MT3000 is running from a closed proprietary Mediatek Software Development Kit that was initially forked from Openwrt 21.02.

So while you can see the Openwrt base, there’s very little in common with actual Openwrt.

Actual Openwrt uses Open Source firmware and drivers, these require a higher memory usage but allow the Openwrt developers to provide the latest kernel and open source packages.

Because the SDK is based on an older version of Openwrt and uses proprietary closed source drivers and firmware, GL.iNet are forced to keep the existing base for compatibility with GL.iNet goodies.