Gl-MT300A antenna


I’ve now settled on the MT300A. On Amazon the version with antenna costs pretty much the same as without so I would buy the version with antenna, except that for most use cases I won’t need them.

So my question: Are the antennae detachable or is the version with antenna only usable with the antenna (in which case I would get the version without).

Many thanks!

i have mt300a with external antenna and an ar300m without. i opened both cases and both have connectors for external antennas on pcb. so my guess is that if i disconnect the connectors from the pcb i can use the mt300a without external antennas. but i’m just guessing. maybe someone from gli staff can confirm.



No, this is not how it works exactly.

For external antenna version, the internal PCB antenna is disconnected physically so without soldering, you cannot use the internal antenna.

If you screw out the external antenna stick, you can still use the router but the coverage is several meters only. This is also not good for your router’s radio as there is no antenna. We suggest not to use like this.

alzhao thank you for your clarification, didn’t pay to much attention on soldering…