GL-MT300A as VLAN router


I am trying to use the GL-MT300A to route between VLANs (similar to How to extend the router ports with a managed switch with VLANs [Old OpenWrt Wiki]).

Actually it seams to be not possible to connect the router to a VLAN trunk port.

Is this correct or is there a option that I missed? If it is not possible with this device, is there a other device that I can use for this purpose like the GL-AR150?


the routers has built-in switch which can built vlans. But I actually don’t know what you want to do. I checked the link.

How do you connect the devices?

Basically I am trying to connect one trunk port (tagged VLAN) of a manged switch with the router.

The I am trying to access the separate VLANs eg id 11 with “eth0.11” but this seams not to work.

If this will work I can use the “small” MT300A to route more than two physically interfaces.

Maybe the link is not the best (maybe the picture at the top of this page help


I read some webpages but still don’t have too much ideas. I don’t have a managed switch so I cannot help.