GL-MT300A builds in OpenWRT

Alfie, why are there no builds here in the stable section? Is it possible to add a patch to make the stable builds, and even a factory version that can be flashed from the web recovery console??

We submitted patches to openwrt, but due to their internal management problem, the patches are not commit yet.

If they committed and reflashed the builds, you will find it. Now you only find in trunk.

Can you possible resubmit the patches? I know they say that sometimes you have to resubmit. Thanks, I know many of us would want to use a pure OpenWRT stable version, without the trouble of the trunk.


@brother, I will not re-submit at this time. This time it is a problem of OpenWrt dev team, not the patch.

No one is reviewing and commiting the patches now.

Thanks, Alfie. Have you considered building a pure OpenWRT to share? Or could you update this post with instructions for the new models, MT300N and MT300A? Also, I would be happy to build an image with the image builder, but I am not sure precisely how to do that- I suppose it is just a question of copying the config files from the trunk image builder to the 15.05.1 image builder? If so, I will try. Thanks for any help.

@brother, imagebuilder is pretty easy. I will update the docs.

@alzhao – Thank you. Just a little explanation or a script to patch the imagebuilder ourselves would be great. I tried to do this myself, by copying the info/files from the trunk image builder, but was not able to get it to work.

If you use trunk, no need to patch it. It just works. I just tried it and made the first image in minutes.

Writing the docs takes a little longer than trying the image builder itself.

Yes, Alfie, I have done that as well, the image builder is easy. But I would like, and many others too, would like to build from the stable builds, for example 15.05 or 15.05.1 so as not to have all the annoyance of constantly updating because of the trunk always changing and causing dependency problems. I tried to use the imagebuilder for 15.05.1, even copying all the GL-inet references over from the trunk imagebuilder-- it still does not work, because the patches are not there for the stable build. What would be great is if you could give us the necessary patches to the stable imagebuilder, which could be made manually or by a script, so that we could build stable images with the builder.

@alzhao - I tried the build from github according to your directions- it fails to build with a lot of errors.

I realize this is not going to be a popular suggestion, but may help.

You can use trunk, and download the relevant trunk packages to a local folder or USB device. That way you have all the CORRECT packages for the trunk build. See this wiki. OPKG Package Manager [Old OpenWrt Wiki]

You can copy packages (with scp) to the tmp folder and install. (done this many times). There is a section near the bottom on pathing to a “local repository”. Not sure how, but I assume you could load them up on a USB stick and configure from there (after you manually get USB running, about a dozen or so packages and dependencies)

@RangerZ. Thank you, I was aware of this. But, it is an annoyance and I think many want to have a pure OpenWRT factory build too, which is not currently possible until the trunk is patched for the GL-inet factory builds. I am currently trying to build from the patched version at GitHub - domino-team/openwrt-cc: openwrt CC with Domino/GL patches

If this works, then perhaps the imagebuilder can be shared and anyone can build however they want.

@alzhao, Please correct typing mistake on Github:

make meunconfig


@alzhao – I got the build to work from here: GitHub - domino-team/openwrt-cc: openwrt CC with Domino/GL patches.


But it does not build a factory image. Why not? I thought that you had locally patched your Git to include this? Where are you building your factory images from? These images: GL.iNet download center

It would be nice to be able to do this.

@brother, thanks and I just updated “menuconfig”.

Please be noticed that there is no factory image at all. The sysupgrade image is the correct one for you.

Let me build clean image for MT300N, MT300A with image builder.

@alzhao Looking forward to a clean MT300N and MT300A image, this will be very useful, thanks.

i think this is what i’m looking for too. I’d like to try pure Openvpn