GL-MT300A Dumb but trainable. I broke the reset button putting on the case

I broke the reset button putting on the case. My bad. Anybody have a part number for replacement? I really love this thing. How about jumpers I can short? It looks like it made constant contact on the edges of the diaphragm, and makes contact to a center contact when pressed. Now it wont let me access it. I have read some about connecting it. I have a CP2102 USB-TTL board 3.0. I also have a LAN cable direct to my computer. Can’t get in the IP. I have downloaded putty. Connecting by serial I get garbage from the matrix going down the screen. See pic. So now I am setup for the hobby. You have captured my interest in embedded systems. But I need my router to work as a router in the mean time.

Really? All the knowledge and not one response? How can I reset it? What is a suitable replacement part?

Seems the button is still half on the PCB. Can you remove it completely with a folder?

If not shortcircuited, the router should still works.