GL-MT300A-Ext delivered with microsd card installed


i just received my GL-MT300A-ext through the post from Amazon.

i ordered it as brand new and it was delivered by amazon prime but it is showing a 4gb microsd card installed in the user interface.

i don’t want to dismantle the case to check what’s physically installed but i am wondering if this is a standard feature on delivery?

does anyone have one recently delivered and did it have a microsd card installed?





really? By default we don’t have any MicroSD card installed.

Can you double check?

There are two possibilities:

after testing in production line workers didn’t take the sd card out, or

someone else used and installed the sd card and returned to amazon without taking out the sd card.

hi - i opened it - bit nervous in case i do return it but there is an SD card there - and not a new one by the look of it.



I suggest you regard it as a bonus and just keep it.