GL-MT300A-Ext need to replace antenna with outdoor antenna - which one to change


I recently bought a GL-MT300A-Ext for use in an appartment with a public hotspot around. Unfortunately the signal quality inside the room is very poor. Right outside the window the quality is sufficient to get a conection. So I orderd an external outdoor directional antenna (18dBm) with a cable of 4 meters.

Another WiFi repeater is connected to the LAN port of the GL-MT300A-Ext so I don’t have to transmit any signal to the internal network from the GL-MT300A-Ext. Clients connect to the SSID of the repeater. The “internal network” of the GL-MT300A-Ext is turned off.

As the GL-MT300A-Ext has two antennas my question is which antenna has to be replaced for communication with the hotspot?

Is there a dedicated antenna for “internal” and “external” or do I just have to replace just one of them? Do I need to take of the other possible unused antenna?

Thanks for any hint.


Peter Ries

You should be able to replace either antenna but this might limit your connection speed because of how 300Mbs N works, you can get a 2T2R outdoor antenna with duel RP-SMA’s if it is an issue; However going though the Ethernet LAN limits you to 100Mbs so I doubt that’s a problem.