GL-MT300A-Ext Pineapple Firmware?

I think I may have made an incorrect purchase and was hoping somebody could confirm before I swap my GL-MT300A-Ext for the AR150.

I wanted a small router image with the pineapple firmware as I had seen this was possible on the AR150 and also certain TPLink routers and thought with the GL-MT300A-Ext having more RAM and 2 x external antennas that it would be ideal for this. I now realize these have different processors which I suspect make throw a spanner in the works - Is anybody able to verify this.

I understand that to install the nano Firmware on the AR150s that you can follow a process to rebuild the firmware image - Would it be possible to get it working on the GL-MT300A-Ext using this approach.

If not then I’ll cancel my order and get an AR150.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Sorry, no idea about wifi pineapple. You’d better get an AR150 for this purpose.