GL-MT300A-ext: what kind of antenna conntectors?

Hi folks,

what kind of antenna connectors do the GL-MT300A have?
Is this really a “pure” SMA?

It’s a little bit difficult to find an outdoor antenna for a caravan with SMA connectors. Most of them have a cable with RP-SMA. :-/


The MT300A-EXT model SHOULD have normal RP-SMA connectors, which fit on most standard wifi antennas.

I can’t confirm this, so hopefully Alfie can confirm, but the connector should be a standard RP-SMA Male connector such as this:


The standard MT300A model (non-EXT) does not have normal uFL connectors however.

“There is two uFL connectors and two SMA connectors.”

That’s all I found.
Also the OpenWRT-Wiki does not have any information about the antennas. :frowning:

It is RP-SMA