GL-MT300A setup, usage and connection

I just purchased Smart router GL-Mt300A from Amazon and I am totally new in using a router.

My situation is that I am residing at a property with unsecured wi-fi connection, so I hope this router will help me access internet in the more secured way.


  1. if I use the repeater to bridge my wi-fi connection, does it mean I am first connecting to that wifi network, then it goes through the mini router, so upload and download to the internet is going one more step through the ethernet cable that hooked up to the router and my pc?

  2. is there any way to setup a sublet from this wi-fi network, is that what WISP mode for?

  3. when I set up a sublet, can I name my network and assign my own password so that will make it secured?

  4. I am confused if I didn’t setup properly: my lan network with the mini router is GL-M7300a-xxx, I picked the name of the wi-fi network of the place where I reside, and put in their password, but when I click on the status of the connection of the Lan network GL-M7300a-xxx, it says it is connected. However, I am unable to assess any internet site or web page, it says no internet connection? Where did I do wrong?

  5. I am using a USA Staples brand CAT6 3 feet streaming cable that supports 10 gigabit/s data transfer speed; and it is backward compatible with CAT5 standard. Is this ethernet cable compatible with the Smart router?

  6. When do I need to put in your default password or key: goodlife?

Also, all morning 3.17 Sat US time, I was not able to access or to try to look at the setup there?

Sorry a lot of questions. Thanks very much in advance for your help.

Let’s do the first step. Power on the router. Then you will find the default ssid which is printed on the bottom of the router. Connect to that WiFi and input “goodlife” as the password.

Then you will be able to access

Before your reply, I reset router and was able to go in the firmware 2.261, but I am very confused about the different lan ips.

My selection is:

My setting so far is:
ip is:, should this ip be from my wireless network connection?
status: off

LAN IP section:
lan ip: should this ip be my wireless network connection’s ip?

if I did ipconfigure from my pc, under ethernet adapter local area connection, I got a different mac address?

My goal is to bridge my existing wireless to be hooked via my ethernet cable to my pc, be able to name my network and assign password. Please, if possible, give me step-by-step instructions on how to do.

Thanks alzhao

seems this make things more confused.

Let’s say in this way, are you trying to connect your PC (which only has cable, no wifi) to your existing wifi network?

Yes, I am trying to create a network with my own network name and stronger password (sublet?) under my existing wireless (private and unsecured) network using CAT6 3 feet streaming ethernet cabe that hooked up to your router Lan port and to my pc.

Maybe “bridge” is the wrong term to use. I am not with you about my PC which only has cable, no wifi part; I am able to have a wireless connection to this network that I am having at the property.

If I understand correctly, that is a repeater function. The network is inside a rental property and is not public. I don’t have access to their modem or router. It is a service from cable company.

I am able to tether my cell’s hotspot and access internet but it’s eating up my data fast so that’s why I think your router may be a better solution.

Is this a general WISP?
Overview - GL.iNet Docs

Yes, I was able to connect via WISP.

However, this wouldn’t help me much as their password is the weakest point. How can I setup a subnet under their wireless network with my own name and password?

Isn’t that exactly what Wisp mode does?

No, if I understand it correctly, in WISP mode, the mini router act as a firewall and protect me from outside. The router will search for the available SSIDs around automatically. Then I select my wireless network and enter their password. But their password is very generic and easy to crack, How can I change their password to one more secured?

You cannot change their password. You only can connect the router to their network using their password.

But the router create its own wifi network. You can change your own password. You connect to your own wifi.

OK, I understand I can’t change their password. What I have been asking and wanting to do is create my own network under their wireless network, and set my password. I do not have ethernet hooking up at wall inside my apartment (like a wired connection at hotel.) Can this be done and how? Thanks

You need to connect the router to their network via wifi.

Help me understand: what is the point or benefit of using just connection to their wireless network thru the router? I have no problem connecting to their network without a router, I just don’t like their password. Is WISP my only choice?

When tethering thru my cell, I can create a mobile hotspot, I can set my network name and password.

OK, out of curiosity, I plugged in ethernet cable to the lan port and connected the other end to my pc, and now I am connected through an local lan connection (versus wireless.) And when I looked at the connection settings, it says psk-mixed, ip:, wds, does it mean now I am on the internet connected to the your router’s ip? What is that psk-mixed encryption? Please advise.

Thanks alzhao for your help.

I want to help but cannot understand. Can you give screenshot etc? That would help a lot.