GL-MT300A USB Encription

Being so easy to take the USB off from the mini router o even taking them all I was asked to codify someway the info stored in the USB in order to avoid people using the information inside in the case it could happen. In our case the USB stores jpg pages of church scanned books. We run the software coming with the device and added just nodogsplash app. To acces the device people use some low cost tablets with no specific software.

I thought the solution could be to encrypt all the USB device like some programs do with disks or maybe just codify the jpg files but to deliver them decodified. Does anybody have some idea how to achieve it in an easy way?. The USB should be accessible from the Win10 machine what prepares the files to store in the USB.

Thanks in advance.

Do you mean that, you only want to codify the data on the USB disk so that if people use them directly in their pc, they cannot read the data. But your current solution, viewing data via wifi, should not be affected?

I don’t have a solution in my mind though.