GL-MT300A with 256MByte RAM is available

Hi guys, 128MByte RAM is not enough? You have double now. We made some 256MB version of GL-MT300A, without external antenna. Please buy at our website or ebay:


Will there be a 256MB version with external antenna’s? Otherwise people have to decide on having more RAM or having external antenna’s.

unfortunately, we don’t have external antenna version in this production run.

Will there be a UK FBA soon?

Really want to get the 256Mb version with the internal microSD card :slight_smile:


I don’t think we will put on Amazon FBA. Not too much stock.

Any idea if the 256M model will be available again?

I don’t think we will make this model again. Sorry

Hi Alzhao, I need a router with a powerful CPU, something like 800Mhz or 1Ghz. I’m willing to buy if you sell one, please let me know when you do. The amount of RAM is not really a matter to me, if it has at least 64MB of RAM that’s enough.

yes we are building one of this.

Wow that’s great news! I hope the price will be as affordable as your other routers. Let us know when it’s out

Which model (running dd-wrt firmware) is most suitable for internet video streaming such as netflix ?

netflix should not use too much bandwidth, right? Maybe all routers works. But didn’t test ddwrt.

How do you compare the overall performance between GL-AR300M with GL-MT300A ?

AR300M is better.