GL MT300N as 4G Modem


Apologies if I am asking something that already has an answer but I’m struggling with the terminology to use when searching for what I want to achieve!

I have an existing network at home which used a standard ADSL connection for internet access using a TP Link Archer D9 modem router and a powerline wifi extender to cover the far side of my house. I am now using 3 mobile broadband and I want to keep the existing setup with the Archer doing all the routing/DHCP etc.

I have a Huawei E3372h dongle which I have got working with the MT300N. I want to connect the MT300N into the network via another powerline ethernet adaptor to have it in the best position for mobile signal. I would like the MT300N to essentially act as a modem and have the Archer do all the routing/DHCP etc.

I think all I need to do on the Archer is set it into router only mode and set the default gateway to the IP address of the MT300N?

I’m struggling more with how to set up the MT300N, I want to disable DHCP and have it doing as little as possible. I seem to see double NAT being mentioned as an issue with this setup also, is it possible to disable NAT on the MT300N as well?


I have never done this sorry cannot help!

If your GL-MT300N uses 4G modem to access the Internet, it is nothing with your Archer, it is a separate network.

But if you want to bridge mt300n to your Archer network, you can set mt300n to AP mode.

I’ve been making some progress, I’ve got the MT300N taking an ip address from my router through the power line ethernet and I can access the config page from the assigned ip address so its talking to the network okay.

However I cannot access the internet through it.

Could you please take a screenshot of the Internet status page?

Have you changed the IP of your LAN from > something else, as this conflicts with the IP of the dongle.

Hi guys, the mt300n is able to access the internet fine. Everything works if I use the MT300N as the DHCP server and use the tplink router as a glorified access point so I’m just going to stick with that for now and see how it goes.

I was concerned that the 300N wouldnt have enough processing power but it is coping fine so far and if it continues to be good then I think I’ll just replace the tplink router with an actual access point!

If you want a powerful performance router, maybe you should try Slate or B1300.