GL MT300N + chromecast + cell internet

How do I make this setup work?
So I don’t have an external wifi, just an android with cell internet, the router and the chromecast.
The goal is to control the chromecast via phone.
The last thing I tried was to connect the phone via USB to the router but internet via usb did not show up on Android.

How to make this work?

I think here is something you can try.

  1. Power up the router
  2. Connect your chromecast to the router’s wifi
  3. Enable hotspot on your phone
  4. Connect the router via repeater to your phone
  5. Try to control Chromecast via the phone

Hotspot and wifi don’t work at the same time

I know. In the steps I didn’t see use the wifi of your phone

Can I make the internet via usb option work? I figured that by “charge only” ivu works, but chromecast does not connect. Do you have a chromecast?

You can also try USB tethering.

that’s what I mean by internet over usb.

Why bother with the router? Try just phone hotspot and chromecast?

do you have an android

I was wrong, it DOES work with a hotspot and without an external router. thanks for the hint.