GL-MT300N & DD-WRT - Question for alzhao

Hi Alzhao,


Your guide for DD-WRT on this router says “… this firmware bridges the two LAN ports.” Can you change that once you login to dd-wrt web UI? I would like to use both ports (for Internet and LAN to laptop).



what model are you using?
I think it is possible to do this in DDWRT. But need to try.



Your guide is here: 404 Page not found - GL.iNet


You say that the LAN/WAN ports are bridged in this firmware. Can it be changed?

I just updated the guide. You need to execute some scripts at startup. Please check.

I tested on MT300N and it works.

Nice!! Thank you. Hopefully dd-wrt can official add support sometime. Then we can use openwrt or dd-wrt with this great device.


Keep up good work! =)

After executing the scripts at startup will MT300N act as a NAT firewall?

yes. it should.