Gl-mt300n remote access to admin web (with openvpn client ON works bad)

Hi everyone,
I want to manage my GL MT 300N router remotely, accessing the router’s administration website from outside the network where it is installed. I have followed the steps indicated in the GL INET tutorials but I find the following problem:

  • The GL MT 300N router is connected via openVPN to a server on another network
  • When I try to remotely access the administrator website of the GL MT 300N router, the Server administration website where the openVPN client connects is opened.

Attached diagram of the networks. Where do I have to configure the router’s administrator website to open even if it is connected by openVPN to another server?


which router had the internet connection, router A?
if so, you might try this

on router A set a port forward rule, port 444 goes to port 443 to the router you want.
to access the router you want, https:\

for what it worth, exposing a router’s web interface to the entire internet is not a good idea.
you can use ssh to reach both router’s web interface.

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Thank you very much for the reply.

The internet connection is Router A.

As for using SSH, does this allow me to manage it over the web? Or do you have to use commands? I’m not an advanced user yet …

Thanks again for your help!

i use a usb150, which is very different from other gl-inet routers.
so i cannot tell you exactly what to do.

never knew of a gui for ssh tunneling, it might exist as a openwrt plugin.

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there is a way to use gui only to reach that inside router.

when you are on the outside of the lan, trying to reach that inside router.
what operating system are you using?

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I would need to access the web interface of the GL Inet router from outside the LAN with Windows 10 and from Android

Is it possible using SSH?

router A, which is connected to the internet, that is the router whose web interface you are trying to access?

you can enable ssh server on the router.

on windows, you can run ssh client.
putty, not user friendly
i use bitvise client, nice gui, free.

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the web interface I want to access remotely is the GL INET router (which is below router A). In this way I can manage the openVPN client connection remotely.

I will test all the information you have provided me. I promise to give you feedback.

Thank you very much for your advice. I hope to achieve my purpose